Expectation Setting: Tips for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Nov 29, 2023 | Marketing Agency, Strategy

Within the complex and ever-evolving space of digital marketing, your marketing agency selection is an important one. Here, we look at seven qualities that you should expect from your agency. There are many types of digital marketing agencies, but regardless of the type, there are universal qualities you should look for. Focusing on these elements will help you find a partner that is positioned to offer the best service possible while also driving the results your business needs. Here are seven tips for choosing a digital marketing agency.

Measurable Results

No, you can’t predict how well an agency will drive the results you care about. However, make sure they offer you some client results that they achieved in the past. In other words, look for an agency that not only claims expertise but substantiates it with real-world results. These metrics serve as a litmus test for their capability and if you get a sales pitch that doesn’t spotlight these results, ask for them before you sign any agreements!

Dedicated Account Management

Your business is constantly changing and so are your marketing needs. Make sure your agency offers you a point of contact where all requests can be shared and funneled to the appropriate team members at the agency. These managers also offer expertise and experience that can be indispensable as you navigate the digital landscape. This tailored approach ensures that your unique business needs are not only acknowledged but meticulously addressed, fostering seamless communication and strategic alignment.

Innovative Ideation Collaboration

Seek an agency that thrives on collaborative ideation. Some agencies specialize in industries, tactics, and other aspects of marketing. However, none of them have the historical context and inside knowledge that you have about your business. Your agency’s willingness to connect to share ideas offers you access to their knowledge and they gain access to yours. This style of collaboration creates a multiplier effect on your digital tactics and results.

Custom Marketing Reports

Discard the one-size-fits-all reporting approach. The data that matter to one business don’t necessarily matter to yours. A reputable agency tailors reports to align with your distinctive goals, offering insights that facilitate a nuanced understanding of the digital results and drive data-driven decisions.

Channel & Strategic Expertise

Today, the digital landscape is a web of connected platforms, where marketing on one channel can have an impact on others. For instance, the brand awareness you build from your social media advertising campaigns can impact the volume of branded searches you are seeing on search engines. Your agency, especially for businesses looking for maximum results, must understand how all channels can work together towards the same goal: growth.

Marketing Execution Efficiency

Efficient execution of marketing strategies is the key to your growth. If your agency doesn’t have a process for literally everything from gaining access to creative materials to ad copy approvals, then you run the risk of misaligned, poorly optimized efforts. A well-coordinated team ensures the seamless realization of objectives, pivoting quickly, and ensuring efficacy.

Timely & Responsive Communication

Every agency has different styles of communication. However, some styles make for slow communication and missed opportunities. You need to have a direct line to your agency so you can keep them informed of any changes, sales, promotions, news, or information that is helpful to them. This will allow them to adjust strategies and/or campaigns accordingly in a relatively quick manner. Of course, agencies have multiple clients, but an agency that prioritizes responsiveness will give you the kind of service that can pivot quickly and accommodate requests as needed.

These expert tips for choosing a digital marketing agency serve as your compass in navigating the many agencies and agency types. From quantifiable results to proactive communication, each element listed above stands as a cornerstone for a symbiotic alliance. The right agency doesn’t merely meet expectations; it orchestrates an approach to digital marketing that grows your business and offers you a trusted partner you can rely on.