Google Ads Agency in Michigan

Top Rated Google PPC Agency

Graze is a Google Ads and PPC advertising agency focused on lead generation and business growth through targeted PPC ads. We specialize in Google Advertising and we are a Google Partner, highlighting our expertise in driving results from search engine marketing.

Google Ads agency specializing in lead generation tactics.

Actual Results

Our approach to Google Advertising is holistic in nature. We put our focus on metrics that have a direct impact on your business. From leads to cost-per-lead to competitive metrics, we focus on giving your Google Ads the best chance for success. These custom-built Google Advertising strategies help us deliver a steady, reliable, and high-quality lead flow.

We optimize Google Ad campaigns to drive cost per conversion down.

What distinguishes us as a Google Ads and PPC advertising agency is our commitment to your success. We begin by understanding your unique business goals and then tailor our strategies accordingly. With meticulous keyword research, compelling ad copy, and continuous optimization, we ensure your ads deliver the results you need to grow your business.

Google Ads management includes strategy, landing pages, tracking, optimization, and more.

Keyword Strategy

Boosting organic visibility to attract leads without high advertising costs.

Target Audience Analysis

Understanding your ideal customer profile to pinpoint and attract high-quality leads.

Landing Page Optimization

Designing and optimizing landing pages to maximize lead conversions.

Lead Magnets

Developing enticing offers or incentives to capture contact information from potential leads.

Custom Lead Routing

Developing tailored systems to efficiently distribute and manage leads within your organization.

CRM Integrations

Implementing Customer Relationship Management systems to efficiently manage and nurture leads.

Conversion Tracking

We make sure to set up lead tracking in a way that measures activity that impacts your bottom line.

On-Going Optimization

Google Advertising isn’t a set it and forget it channel – we manage your campaigns weekly and adjust to maximize results.