Lead Generation Agency

Maximize Leads, Minimize Costs

Graze has extensive experience working with businesses for lead generation. Beyond generating more leads at a lower cost per lead, we focus on lead quality and finding ways to improve the rate by which leads are converted into actual clients. Through creative and data-driven strategies, we identify your target audience and create the content, messages and creative to help you grow.

Targeted lead generation tactics that work.

Actual Results

Our approach to lead generation is holistic in nature. We don’t focus on channels but rather seek to create a digital media approach that reaches the target audience wherever they are online. These targeted strategies and personalized messaging help us deliver a steady, reliable, and high-quality lead flow.

400+ leads in first 3 months of site launch for financial services company.

110% increase in website form fills in 6 month period for local insurance broker.

62% increase in web leads in 3-month period for automotive dealership.

89% increase in leads YoY for home services company.

84% increase in form fill leads YoY for national B2B business.

$6.43 average cost per lead in 1 year period for real estate company.

Our focus is profitability by driving cost per lead down.

We are committed to not only generating quality leads but also driving down the cost per lead over time. Our focus on optimization efforts involves continuous analysis, strategic adjustments, and leveraging data insights to refine our approach.

By implementing smart and cost-effective tactics, we ensure that your investment in lead generation yields increasingly efficient results, contributing to sustainable growth for your business.

From strategy to lead routing, we build the lead generation journey.

SEO Optimization

Boosting organic visibility to attract leads without high advertising costs.

Target Audience Analysis

Understanding your ideal customer profile to pinpoint and attract high-quality leads.

Content Marketing

Creating engaging and informative content to attract and nurture potential leads.

Social Media Lead Generation

Leveraging social platforms to connect with and convert potential customers.


Email Marketing

Crafting strategic email campaigns to nurture leads throughout the sales funnel.

Landing Page Optimization

Designing and optimizing landing pages to maximize lead conversions.

PPC Advertising

Running targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns to drive traffic and generate leads.

Lead Magnets

Developing enticing offers or incentives to capture contact information from potential leads.

Webinars & Events

Hosting online or in-person events to engage and capture leads interested in your industry.

CRM Integrations

Implementing Customer Relationship Management systems to efficiently manage and nurture leads.

Custom Lead Routing

Developing tailored systems to efficiently distribute and manage leads within your organization.


Live Chat Setup

Utilizing AI-driven chat solutions to capture leads in real-time on your website.