Facebook Advertising Agency in Michigan

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Graze is a Facebook Advertising agency specializing in lead generation and social growth through targeted Facebook and Instagram PPC ads. We understand how to utilize the Meta Advertising platform to improve your KPIs and, ultimately, drive more leads/sales from your Facebook and Instagram traffic.

Facebook advertising agency specializing in lead generation.

Actual Results

Our approach to Facebook Advertising is holistic in nature. We prioritize metrics directly impacting your business, from lead generation to cost-per-lead and competitive analysis. Our tailored strategies ensure your Facebook Ads thrive, delivering a consistent, dependable, and top-tier stream of leads.

Social ads management includes strategy, landing pages, tracking, optimization, and more.

Target Audience Analysis

Understanding your ideal customer profile to pinpoint and attract high-quality leads.

Landing Page Optimization

Designing and optimizing landing pages to maximize lead conversions.

Lead Magnets

Developing enticing offers or incentives to capture contact information from potential leads.

Facebook Lead Gen

Utilizing Facebook’s lead forms, messenger and call now ads to drive meaningful actions right from the ads themselves.

Custom Lead Routing

Developing tailored systems to efficiently distribute and manage leads within your organization.

Custom Creative

We build custom creative to test various visuals, messages, and designs to identify the creative elements that drive results.

Conversion Tracking

We make sure to set up lead tracking in a way that measures activity that impacts your bottom line.

On-Going Optimization

Facebook Advertising isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it channel – we manage your campaigns weekly and adjust to maximize results.

We A/B test Facebook Ads to find the best creative, audience, and copy.

We employ A/B testing methodology to optimize the performance of your Facebook Ads. This involves creating variations of the ad’s creative elements, audience targeting, and ad copy to identify which combination yields the highest engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. Through this iterative process, we ensure that your Facebook Ads are continuously optimized to deliver the best possible results and drive meaningful outcomes for your business.

We’ll identify the best Facebook ad type for your objectives.

IMage Ads

Utilize a single image to capture attention and convey a message effectively.

Video Ads

Engage audiences with dynamic video content that can be tracked for retargeting purposes.

Carousel Ads

Showcase multiple products or features within a single ad, driving engagement and clicks.

Slideshow Ads

Create captivating video ads on a smaller budget, offering an affordable yet effective advertising solution.

Collection Ads

Enable seamless browsing and purchasing of products directly within the Facebook app.

Instant Experience Ads

Provide immersive, full-screen mobile experiences that load quickly and engage users.

Lead Ads

Simplify the process of collecting contact information from potential customers on mobile devices.

Messenger Ads

Seamlessly integrate ads into Facebook Messenger, offering direct communication with businesses.