The Connection Between Ecommerce Product Data & Google Ads

Aug 4, 2020 | Data & Analytics, Google Ads, Online Advertising, PPC Advertising


Video Transcript

“If you run an e-commerce business and you’re selling products online, it is critical to understand the connection between your product data and your ad performance on Google ads. So, one of the most common kind of ad types that an e commerce business will utilize is a Shopping Ad.

There’s all kinds of different ways you can work with those shopping ads. And I won’t get into that now. But one of the key elements of a shopping ad especially like a smart shopping ad, which is kind of using Google’s algorithms and tools and technology to deliver ads is that Google is reading your product data from your website, so on your specific product pages, and if your product data does not have the keywords that you want to show your product for. Google might not be displaying your ads as much as it is as you probably like. So if you run an e commerce site, it is critical to handle the basics of SEO as in product titles, product descriptions, when you inject that data into your product. Now Google has more information to bounce off of to understand what are you selling. And now when someone does a search, your shopping ads have a better chance of showing up for those people.

So there’s this line that connects your, kind of, SEO work with your actual ad performance. So make sure you take the time to do that work up front. And then when you deliver your product data to Google, so your product feed, you have a robust product data set, and it can give Google more information to deliver the ads at the most relevant time to the most relevant people who are conducting related searches. So make sure you’re doing that. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. All right. Thanks.” – Joe Morsello