The 90+ Google Guaranteed Categories Eligible for the Google Screened Badge

Feb 28, 2024 | Google Ads, News, Online Advertising, PPC Advertising

LAST UPDATED: 2.28.2024

If you haven’t heard about the Google Guaranteed categories or the Google Screened program, you might be missing out on an opportunity to add even more credibility to your business directly in the search results. The program is simply a process by which Google conducts a screening and qualification process to help searches find reputable and trusted providers locally.

The expansion of the program comes after a successful trial run of the Local Services Ads program. Local Services Ads started for the home services space to help them get involved in the Google Ads space with ease. The success of the program has led the company to broaden its offering to more industries and the entire country.

Here is what the badges look like in the search results:

Google Guaranteed

Google Screened

In order to be eligible for the program, your business must have a minimum review score of 3 stars or greater. Both the “guaranteed” and “screened” programs require license and background checks. The Google Guaranteed program actually offers money back to consumers if they aren’t satisfied with the provider’s work, however, that is done at Google’s discretion. This guarantee does not extend to those listed as screened.

It is important to note two key distinctions between these programs.

  1. Google Guaranteed is now being offered as a $50/month subscription service, subject to all the same eligibility rules as the original program.
  2. Google Screened is only available for those advertising via the Local Services Ads program.

In addition, there is some overlap where industries can be eligible for both programs. Either way, the sign-up process is the same and can be found here. And now, without further ado, here is the complete list of industries eligible for these programs (as of 2.28.2024).

Google Guaranteed Categories

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Allergist
  3. Animal rescue services
  4. Appliance repair
  5. Architecture
  6. Audiologist
  7. Auto body shop
  8. Auto repair shop
  9. Barber shop
  10. Beauty school
  11. Car washing and detailing
  12. Carpentry
  13. Carpet cleaning
  14. Cellphone and laptop repair
  15. Child care services
  16. Chiropractic services
  17. Countertop services
  18. Dance instruction
  19. Dentistry
  20. Dermatology
  21. Dietitian
  22. Drain expert
  23. Driving instruction
  24. Electrical
  25. Fencing
  26. Financial planning
  27. First aid training
  28. Flooring
  29. Foundations
  30. Funeral services
  31. Garage door
  32. General contracting
  33. Hair removal
  34. Hair salon
  35. Handyman
  36. Home inspection
  37. Home insulation
  38. Home security services
  39. Home theater services
  40. House cleaning
  41. Hvac
  42. Insurance agency
  43. Interior design
  44. Junk removal
  45. Landscaping
  46. Language instruction
  47. Law
  48. Lawn care
  49. Locksmith
  50. Massage school
  51. Massage therapist
  52. Moving
  53. Nail salon
  54. Occupational therapist
  55. Ophthalmology
  56. Optometrist
  57. Orthodontist
  58. Orthopedic surgeon
  59. Painting
  60. Personal training
  61. Pest control
  62. Pet adoption services
  63. Pet boarding
  64. Pet grooming
  65. Pet training
  66. Physical therapy
  67. Piercing studio
  68. Plastic surgeon
  69. Plumbing
  70. Podiatry
  71. Pool cleaning
  72. Pool contractor
  73. Preschool
  74. Primary care physician
  75. Real estate
  76. Roofing
  77. Sewage system services
  78. Siding
  79. Snow removal services
  80. Solar energy contractor
  81. Storage
  82. Tattoo studio
  83. Tax services
  84. Tire shop
  85. Towing
  86. Tree services
  87. Tutoring
  88. Veterinary services
  89. Water damage services
  90. Weight loss services
  91. Window cleaning
  92. Window services
  93. Yoga

The Takeaway

Clearly anything that gives your business credibility in the search results is going to be good for you. From reviews to these guaranteed and screened badges, take advantage of these programs. In addition, there is a symbiotic relationship between your Google My Business profile and Local Services Ads. While you do not need to have a GMB to participate in these programs, your GMB reviews can be found in the ads. Also, GMB is the single greatest factor that will impact your SEO. If you need help connecting the dots with these various programs, feel free to contact us today.